Our communities
deserve climate justice

Although we are all negatively impacted by climate change, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are disproportionately impacted and aren’t genuinely represented in the current environmental and climate change movement. C4 provides the resources for our communities in the fight for climate justice.

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We are reflecting and amplifying our community —
because we all deserve climate justice.

A father and son walking in a park.

Climate Stories

Four people planting tomatoes in a community garden box.

Connect with Us

A man in a wheelchair, a man with an amputated leg, and a woman playing yard games while drinking beers.

Find the Resources You Need

A woman on a walk with a baby in a stroller.

We are strengthening our environment for those that come after us — friends, family, and neighbors.

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Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors serve as C4 activists, both virtual and in person, promoting the collective work of C4. Our ambassadors have meaningful ties to their neighborhood, and are energized by working with and organizing people. See the full list of ambassadors and learn more here.

Abigail Carlson

C4 Ambassador

Deandre Jones

C4 Ambassador

Fredericka Brown

C4 Ambassador

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Leah Baker

C4 Ambassador

Robert Simmons Headshot
Robert Simmons

C4 Ambassador

A group of people having a discussion at a work table.

The Infrastructure

The C4 Planning Team created the infrastructure needed to launch a 3-year pilot. This infrastructure includes a vision statement, values, community agreements and Leadership Team governance. We also sketched out a 3-year plan and accompanying budget to launch and pilot the C4. Review our 3 year plan, key budget items, and understand
how C4 is set up to elevate marginalized voices in Grand Rapids.

How to Get Involved?

The plan is designed to be inclusive of companies, organizations, community groups, and individuals, including youth, who are committed to achieving the C4’s vision through the established values, community agreements and Leadership Team governance.

A woman holding a microphone with her hand raised.