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We all have a climate story

As the effects of climate change hit our communities, the systemic differences become even more clear. The C4 is elevating community voices, because we all deserve a seat at the table. We all deserve climate justice.

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Your Experience

Share Your Climate Story

We’re looking for stories that focus on personal and community responses to our changing climate. Your climate story might involve changes in your backyard, a favorite place that’s threatened, or how you moved from apathy to activism. What does climate change look like, feel like, and sound like for you?

Get started with these storytelling prompts, or download our worksheet.

Prompt 1

Tell a story about an experience that helped shape the person you are today. How has that influenced the way you see the world? This is not necessarily climate change related.

Where might you find the connections to climate change within your story?

Prompt 2

What is your experience of climate change? What observations have you noticed?

How are you connected to a meaningful feature of your home place – an “object of care” such as your family, a favorite beach, clean water, or a local park? Does climate change threaten these areas?

Prompt 3

“To create a better future, we must first imagine ourselves there.” IMAGINE… what would a better world look like to you? What is the role that you will play in making it a reality?

Why are you motivated to confront the climate crisis? What is your vision you have for yourself, your community, and society moving forward?

Share Your Climate Story

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Community Stories

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Climate Story

Bo Torres

Dilli Gautam
Climate Story

Dilli Gautam

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Climate Story

Wende Randall

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