Bo’s Climate Story

Climate has always been important for my family.

Water and the power it possesses have always been clear to my parents. The calm of waves, the memories of a beach, the tropical sun. They also knew the devastation of water having lived through Hurricanes, they wanted us to never have to live through one. As my parents looked for a home, they wanted us to move to a space where we would still have proximity to a waterway, so they saw the Texas gulf coast or Michigan as options, finally settling on Michigan. Here we as children were exposed to the natural spaces in diverse ways, seeing snow, wooded areas, and fall for the first time. Coming from the Island of Puerto Rico to Michigan, we are seeing devastating effects of climate change , costal erosion herein Michigan, and global water quality issues.

As our native relatives tell us, water is life, we must ensure that we leave a legacy that speaks to that truth for generations to come.

Best, Bo

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