C4 Priorities

The C4 has six priorities that we are focused on in the near term. As we continue to grow, learn and evolve, these priorities may change. The first three priorities are about infrastructure and planning. The last three priorities are subject areas that the C4 Leadership Team identified as priorities.

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Infrastructure and Planning

Bring the C4 to life by supporting a community wide climate justice journey tailored to individual and organizational needs

Participate in and ensure climate change and environmental justice are centered in the City’s Community Master Plan update process – Synia Gant Jordan represents the C4’s interests on the Master Plan Steering Committee

Co-create a Grand Rapids Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids
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Prioritized Subject Areas

Energy Justice
Education and Awareness of Climate Change and Climate Justice

Collaboration With The City

C4 is collaborating with the City of Grand Rapids’ Office of Sustainability to create the community’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

How can the City of Grand Rapids effectively, respectfully, and wholly engage community members into City planning processes, strategy-making, and program development? The C4 Leadership Team offers a piloted example of community stakeholder engagement that centers representation, equal opportunity decision-making, and relational trust building for committee members throughout the City’s planning and engagement processes. The model of planning, trust-development, and shared decision-making with a community planning committee alongside City of Grand Rapids leadership is a repeatable model that may warrant more buy-in, stronger community relationships, and provide an opportunity to create programming that will address intended outcomes.

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