Our Process

Group 857

The C4 uses a Liberatory Design Framework from the National Equity Project:

See —

How we perceive the world and practice self-awareness

Engage —

How we “show up” and engage relationally; how we listen, build relationships and create strong new processes for complex work.

Act —

How we design, decide, implement, learn; how we influence direction, bring focus to action, engage in safe-to-fail experiments.

More about Liberatory Design

The National Equity Project’s Liberatory Design framework has been majorly influential in forming the processes of the C4. You’ll find several links here where you can learn more about Liberatory Design and the NEP. 

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Shared Leadership - Hero to Host

Shared leadership is built from a process that plays host to the new leaders. Providing the resources and access necessary for new leaders to grow. We have identified actions that can be taken to cultivate this process, moving from a historically hero mentality to a host mentality.

• Provide equitable conditions
• Provide time
• Insist on learning
• Offer support

• Reduce bureaucracy
• Reflect back
• Defend the team
• Make achievements visible

• Recruit and authentically
   engage BIPOC leaders
• Value conviviality

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How we evolve

An Iterative Process

The plan is not etched in stone and will be revised as needed by the Project Manager, Leadership Team, Ambassadors and participants. 

While the infrastructure is formalized, including the values, community agreements, vision and Leadership Team governing principles, the Planning Team intentionally built in space to provide agency to those that will be participating over the next three years.

To authentically engage BIPOC and white dominant grassroots environmental organizations, participants need to be prepared and committed to evolve over time in partnership and this will undoubtedly result in refinements to the plan and process.

Programs and Resources

What We Do

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