Who is Involved?

With proper support and community involvement, C4 will provide spaces for partners and residents to engage, resolve conflicts, build strategies, share resources, align vision, and most importantly shift the focus of environmental work to be more equitable.

C4 Leadership Team Directors

Rodney Brown 1
Rodney Brown
Sergio Cira Reyes Headshot
Sergio Cira-Reyes
Gayle DeBryn Headshot
Gayle DeBruyn
Khara DeWit Headshot
Khara DeWit
Dilli Gautam
Dilli Gautam
Cheri Holman Headshot
Cheri Holman
Jakobcic Headshot 2020
Yumiko Jakobcic
Synia Jordan
Synia Jordan
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Ana Jose
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Bill Kirk
Group 891
Stephanie Pierce
Group 891
Siena Ramirez
Wende Randall Headshot 1
Wende Randall
Group 891
Jocelyn Romero
Kareem Headshot
Kareem Scales
Alison Sutter fall 2022
Alison Sutter
Kristen Trovillion BW Edited
Kristen Trovillion
Bo Headshot
Bo Torres
Group 891
Wesley Watson
Annabelle Wilkinson
Annabelle Wilkinson
BillWood Square
Bill Wood

Representation in Leadership

Leadership Team will be responsible for overall policy, direction, investments, and budgetary decisions. To represent our community, we aim to include at least 50% BIPOC with representation from Black or African American Community, the Latino/a/x Community, and Native American/Indigenous Community. At least 50% with direct connection to social justice work and 50% with direct connection to climate change work. 10% or at least 2 youth (<25), at least 60% people who live in Grand Rapids, and at least one position that represents the City of Grand Rapids.

Keep up with us in our journey for climate justice

Group 8923

Ned Andree - Project Coordinator

Born and raised in the SouthEast side of Grand Rapids, Ned has a deep love for the City. He serves on several Community Boards: The Boston Square Neighborhood Association (BSNA), Michigan Black Expo (MBE), Communities Organizing for Racial Equity (CORE), and The Grand Rapids African American Council of Organizations (GRAACO). Learn more about Ned’s role as the C4 Project Coordinator.


Community Ambassadors serve as C4 activists, both virtual and in person, promoting the collective work of C4. Our ambassadors have meaningful ties to their neighborhood, and are energized by working with and organizing people.

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Core to our process

Community Agreements

This is a list of the community agreements used by the C4 during the 2020 facilitation efforts. The C4 has adopted these community agreements as part of the C4’s infrastructure for all future C4 work.

Be authentic – speak your truth without blame or judgement

Notice moments of discomfort and stay curious

Assume positive intent

Be open to all communication styles

Be open to the experience and to each other

Listen attentively – with your ears, eyes, and hearts

Think about the impact of your words – beyond intent

WHY am I speaking? Speak first to understand, then to be understood

It’s okay if you’re tired! Climate justice work is long-term. Real life keeps happening and can be distracting to staying present

Center equity

We are strengthening our environment for those that come after us — friends, family, and neighbors.


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Fiduciary Partners

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Empowering Local Orgs

The C4 intentionally chose CBOs of color to serve as fiduciary partners, so that we could create a deeper connection with our communities and spread economic opportunity.

The C4 works with both funders and fiduciary partners to activate community resources. Our funders provide the money needed to do the work. Our fiduciary partners are responsible for holding and distributing that money. By collaborating with community organizations as fiduciaries, we build trust and recognition in those partners and further strengthen our neighborhoods and future work.